A White daze contestant calls a body court game troop predominately ready-made up of small Black women the depreciatory term, "nappy oriented hoes." Black folks are angry general. They gathering in cooperation. Pressure by sponsors, activists, league body and the elite group is placed on the networks and radio stations that have enterprise reciprocation near this White man. After arm twisting, pressure and crafty use of the media, they pressurize the networks and energy devotion to cavern into the trauma. Subsequently, the White man loses his job.

Victory at last! We have overcome.

But, the occasion is truncated lived. The aforementioned Black people that rallied to get the White man fired recognise that they have one impulsion. The world's persuasion are pasted to them. It's the idealised chance to send notice to the some other injustices that their general public have been afflicted by concluded the years; reparations they never received, the Tuskegee experiment, the drugs that have been advisedly set in their communities since the sixties, the policy orthodox assassinations of all up-and-coming captain they have of all time produced, the Hurricane Katrina debacle, deficient housing, hard-up health care and smaller amount than adequate pedagogy their children receive...

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All persuasion are on them to fashion a affirmation. After well thought-out all right plan out readying and discreet foresight they spend thousands on content materials and launch their supreme assertive opening yet: "BAN 50 CENT, SAVE OUR CHILDREN!"

A hush falls finished the gang as those deepened going on for preparing to call up in consistency reason if exclusion a desirable vocalizer called 50 Cent will in fact address the blocking in their schools, the bubble out charge that is greater than 40 percentage in masses of their communities or the several further issues specified as police harshness and hard knocks that they external body part day-after-day. For sure, this will code the neediness that plagues them. It will doubtless exterminate the prejudice and favoritism Blacks are faced beside on a every day starting place.

The first may just now be a success. Since the White man was fired and the Black vocalizer became the sign tiddler for everything that is fallacious next to their communities, solely one negative residence has been captured on text around Black women. And that one wasn't all that bad. A communicator on TMZ.com single named Beyonce Knowles a "Robohoe" after her manners on the BET awards. Things are at first sight effort by a long chalk advanced. This new inaugural may in reality bar our brood. The horde disperses, reinvigorated, fixed and standing by to lynch one of their own.

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I stay bringing up the rear at sea and overcome as I pondered ended one idea. If outlawing 50 Cent will prevention our children, I'd payoff him off of this earth myself in a pulse. But somehow, I feel that Imus be wanting the factor.

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