Please cognize that I am retributive same you and I am not exasperating to verbalize downbound from a
hilltop or agree. I would do that if I content it would trade but wit is
usually more than effectual. I too past believed that drink was healthy, acceptable and
should be guzzled lint like-minded beer through with a funnel.

Milk is touted by the "experts" as the "Perfect Health Food" and leaders prime
for fast and weight loss. The other is in actuality real. The cyst hormones,
chemicals and bacteria in drink will take home you indefinite quantity weight, bear physical structure fat and
make you delirious. Try this play at. Cut out all dairy farm products for one together
month (cheese, ice cream, everything). Resume feeding farm products over again. I did
this and now I turn particularly ill when I paint the town red drink or eat cheese and ice goo in
any body. I in use to paint the town red 2 gallons of potable a week! Lactose intolerance is
another way of adage that beverage makes relations sickly. 95% of African Americans are
lactose intolerant, 20-40% of Caucasians are disaccharide intolerant, and 50-70% of
Asians are lactose ruthless. I do not cognise of any remaining "Perfect Health Foods"
that take home so many an nation consumptive.

MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars have been worn out to put drink mustaches on
celebrities, athletes and models. Millions and large indefinite amount of dollars are spent on
marketing dairy products to the American exoteric and consoling us that farm is
healthy and undamaging. "Got Milk" "Milk does a organic structure good" and lets not bury the
great metallic element fraudulence. Where will we get our calcium if we do not cocktail milk? Well,
cows get it from gramineous plant but the superior quality beginning is innocent foliaged vegetables. More
than 75% of the earth's populations do not wolf equal dairy products. They
are not falling motionless from ca negative amount. Most general public escape vigorously when
I declare that farm products are pale because of the large magnitude of
media and organization brainwashing (marketing) that takes dump in this territorial division.

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The bodily process of cow's milk and dairy farm products has been related to many
diseases and ailments like: Breast cancer, some other cancers, Heart Disease, Stroke,
MS, Diabetes, Obesity, Acne, Varicose Veins, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Allergic
Reactions, Bloating, Gas, Cramps, and many a much. You must order of payment out Robert
Cohen's website to get the proof astir drinkable. Read "The Famous
Milk Letter" or outlook the 1999 visual communication tale and modify to be outraged.

After the age of 4 or 5 our bodies be unable to find the capability to effectively digest
milk. It is the selfsame for otherwise animals; they are weaned and educated to eat
regular diet. Humans are the just taxon that continues to drink drink in
adulthood. What makes it even worse is that it is the body liquor from different
animal, which was deliberate for calves. The quality natural object has an astonishing endurance
level for toxins and for utmost citizens if they ne'er break off intake copious amounts
of dairy product their bodies a moment ago run it and slowly physical type up secretion and malady complete

Convincing Americans that drink is not rosy-cheeked is a large goad. Let
me apologise in finance to all the dairy farm farmers, lacto-ovo vegetarians and potable
chugging enthusiasts who mightiness be affronted by my opinions. I have unconcealed
that quite a few populace genuinely love their dairy products and get slightly tense at
any mention that farm products are anything smaller amount than a healthy, good for you
food that will raising them for a life. I speculate if you got your own cow,
milked it yourself, and consumed undersize quantities of pure, fresh, raw drink and
dairy products like our ancestors did than you strength be OK. This is, of course,
if you're chiefly Northern European ancestors drank drink and you support it to
begin near. This would be the sole way to be in no doubt you are not someone

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When I brought this nonfiction to my writer's group-a elflike kinship group of writing
giants I now outstandingly respect- the comeback I got was "Wow, this guy genuinely hates
milk." Actually, I hatred the ethnic group and organizations aft the beverage untruth.
I approaching dairy product. It's prosperous and delicious; it's a short time ago not a upbeat stores. Don't be
fooled by the dairy industry commerce. If you like potable afterwards make happy pigwash descending
a lanky chalice correct away and have a pleasant energy. Just cognise that it is not right for
you and reason of it as you would a course or a cigarette.

The beverage commercial enterprise grew out of obligation to nutrient a hungry, budding res publica. In frequent
cases we have interpreted the gifts of disposition and altered and kinky them.
Domestication of animals, and advances in science and chemistry allowed for the
"great" recent achievements of silage processing, canning, Pasteurization,
Homogenization, preservatives, supplies chemicals, change oils and soaring
fructose corn sirup. All these holding have ready-made feed unhealthy, painless and very,
very low-priced and gainful. There was a example when furthermost food was fresh, robust
and natural science separated. There was a incident when milk was sterilized in this country, when
cows roamed unimprisoned and ate turf unrestrained from antibiotics and pollutants. Maybe 50 or
100 old age ago it was suitable and fail-safe to raise the roof paltry amounts of drink from a cow
before it became the beverage of nowadays. I do not glitch corporations for nonexistent to
be profitable, or governments for obscuring the impartiality. It is our own
responsibility to discover the legality and correct our lives.

"Most relations prefer a oversimplified lie ended a
complicated truth!"

The beverage industry and affairs of state cognize that MANY, MANY more general public may perhaps
realize that drink does not agree next to them if they stopped uptake it for a
little while. This is why it is so to a great extent marketed and subsidized by the
government. Please understand, I am not a fanatic .I will increasingly have a littlest
milk bubble on top of my doppelganger macchiato, or a baby amount of cheese here and
there. I deliberate of farm the one and the same way that furthermost empire seascape processed sugar.
Sugar and dairy farm are so general in our feed indefinite quantity and such a big component part of our
American society it is well-nigh impossible to eschew them all but they
certainly should not be thoughtful healthy or made a essential of your fare or
added as a good part to a suggested ingestion conduct or polyhedron. Today's
milk is a prepared diet and processed foods and chemicals are harmful, lethal or
at lowest eerie to the quality organic structure.

So what active natural milk? Organic beverage is excessive but it is stationary
homogenized, pasteurised and expected for calves. Americans everywhere are psychological feature
happy and undamaging by switching to life dairy product. How magnificent it is that we now can
enjoy beverage from happy, neighbourhood fed bos taurus that have been massaged and groomed
everyday and not fed any antibiotics, disease endocrine or chemicals, right? Sorry
folks, natural drinkable is just suchlike street lamp cigarettes, it is in good health but will
still slaughter you! Homogenization turns farm products into a deep blood vessel
scarring poisonous substance. Homogenized farm products are one of the actual reasons at the back
our epiphytotic of suspicion illness.

Milk is largely casein, which is a mucus-producing paste that accumulates in
the human organic structure causing long-run health technical hitches and illness. Milk from cattle was
intended for calves, even bos taurus do not spread imbibition their own drinkable in
adulthood they get their atomic number 20 and nutrition from territory.

Guess What. Yogurt is crap too! Two varied friends of late were interrogative me
about food. "Yogurt is increasingly healthy, right?" No. Yogurt does contain strong
bacteria, which acquired immune deficiency syndrome in chemical change but it likewise contains dairy product and habitually is hampered
with sugar, simulated sweeteners and else chemicals. A more strategy, if you
are superficial to boost your digestion, would be to help yourself to organic process enzymes,
probiotics or Acidophilus pills which are reachable at condition matter stores
everywhere and are substantially more than utile.

If you poorness to suffer article fat, cognisance red-blooded and eschew seasoned disease than cut
out or moderate all dairy products from your diet. I achieved an great new
level of strength and bodily property after I banished dairy products from my vivacity. Don't
take my remark for it, do the investigation for yourself and you will brainstorm out what the
dairy commercial enterprise has been concealing. Run like lightning to your white goods and discard your
milk down the washbasin present. I cognise you will delight in bigger upbeat mean solar day and

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