Crude capitalism

By which whichever nations

Have favourably risen

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Intolerably smitten

Opposers of glutton

Dissenting henchmen

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Or so we telephony them

Though we're hypocrites

Well past them

Nation building

Regime changing

Criticizing and demonizing

Neerdowell democratizing

That is our version

Or gross perversion

Economic invasion

Tough duty tension

Embargo enticing

Geopolitically taxing

Diplomatically deluding

Legislators trickily lying

Political persuasion

Greedy corporations

Nuclear proliferation

Arms deals for dollars

Export territorial army for czars

Passing through

Revolving doors

Of political relation and business

From state security

To secure their prosperity

Paid sumptuously and handsomely

By oil well-to-do Asian nation royals

Diplomats not loyal

Also get a piece

Of the scrumptious pie

As theyability yield action

For rough capitalism

An degenerate prison

By which corporations

Devalue persons

Purport cooperation

Financial facilitation

For self-actualization

Lies and degradation

Iraq's devastation

For oil procuration

Innocents alienation

Our overseas policy

Eternally greedy

Seeking to snatch

Bake and hatch

Break borders

Violate treaties

Accuse falsely

WMD trickery

Making truth

A mockery

Inciting injustice

Insurgent well-bred war

Dishonest to the core

So we can yield more

Play the worldwide whore

Open the devil's door

Halliburton implore

To profits from gore

Blood and murder

Call it righteous

Call them evil

It's all economic

Perpetual upheaval

War short end


Fear selling

Politicians profiting

Cold and calculating

Secretly conniving

White Habitation visits

For the richest

Campaign contributor

Presidential room builder

Most potent Governor

Who can smartly maneuver

Support big firm and lure

Multi-million monetary unit deals

$50,000 a salver meals

Hang next to the utmost rollers

Manipulate media pollers.

Our firm nation

For selling short vacillation.

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